Great Whales Travelling Exhibit

Explore our awe-inspiring new exhibit, and learn about the evolutionary journey of these ocean giants. Featuring life-sized whale skeletons, this exhibit is sure to make a splash.

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Check out our new travelling whale exhibit. This exhibit will examine the evolutionary voyage of whales throughout time. The exhibit will also feature life-sized whale skeletons from three main exhibits.    

The first section is known as the “Ancient Whales” exhibit. This exhibit will show how whales evolved into what we know today and show the mysterious anatomy of ancient whale ancestors. (Fun Fact whales used to have legs?) 

The next section is known as the “Modern Whales” exhibit. This exhibit will also feature life-sized skeletons as well as custom casts and molds. It will talk about their complex and fascinating inner workings such as their anatomy, behavior, and habits.

The final section is known as the “Marine Conservation” exhibit. This exhibit will discuss changing oceans, acknowledge many of the threats that whales are facing today and how we can help secure the future for all whale species.


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Exhibit Features

Size: 2000-3000 square feet

Loan Period: 4-6 months

Content: 1 large sized skeleton, 3 medium sized skeletons, and 7 small, various text panels

Options: Art package available, fact stickers available, and turn-key Gift Shop aluminum whale figurines

Exhibit Rental Information

Are you looking for high-quality, crowd-pleasing exhibits that will engage and inspire your visitors? Our Great Whales Travelling Exhibit is an enlightening learning experience which details the evolutionary tale of whales.

Our renowned exhibits and displays can be seen at some of the most significant venues around the world. Research Casting International is thrilled to be able to bring a solution for smaller museums and venues to be able to have access to a variety of rental exhibits.

This particular exhibit is curated to fit a floor plan of roughly 2000-3000 square feet alone, and when combined with other exhibits can fill even larger spaces. Our displays are not only affordable but are designed to withstand frequent travel and handling. We wanted to make this experience as easy and worry free as possible.

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